Her story evokes a woman’s struggle, in a world hellbent on remaining binary in countless ways, to realise her identity without being constrained to the scrutinous rules of society, and a patriarchal one at that. Or maybe it’s just a kick ass, punk rock slice of horror. (It can be both.)
— Father Gore

‘The Ranger’ Brings 80s Terror Back to the Woods — Rue Morgue

The Ranger is also a well-crafted look at the ripple effect of trauma, and the unreliable natures of identity and memory.
— Gary Butler, Rue Morgue
The Ranger is gory, witty, unpredictable, and fresh.
— Joey Keogh, Wicked Horror
Jenn Wexler and her punk as fuck debut feature are ones to watch out for.
— Kalyn Corrigan, Birth Movies Death

'The Ranger' Review - Eye for Film

Though it’s her first feature as director, Wexler’s work is assured and the film exudes confidence.
— Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film
Gore-soaked fun with an emotional core and kick-ass score
— Kat Hughes

'The Ranger' Review — Electric Shadows

Jenn Wexler scores a horror home run with her confident directorial debut.
— Rob Daniel, Electric Shadows

Watching Movies 'The Ranger' — Without Your Head

Horror fans everywhere should seek it out.
— The Headless Critic, Without Your Head
Fast-paced, expertly acted and at times brutally violent
— Alain Elliott, Nerdly

Frightfest 2018: 'The Ranger' review — Entertainment Focus

the perfect choice to open this year’s festival and it’s a film that I’m sure will rank among this year’s best.
— Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus

'The Ranger' Review — Horror Talk

intrinsically punk, and the most exciting horror movie debut – for director and actress alike – in years.
— Joel Harley, Horror Talk
A slasher is only really as good as its killer, and Holm’s is happily one for the ages.
— Ben Robins, Hey U Guys
this in your face slasher flick espouses the ethos and wildness of punk kids more than any film since Penelope Spheeris’ ‘Suburbia’.
— Lorry Kikta, 1428Elm.com
So, yes, a pink haired punk rock girl fighting a psychopathic authority figure is the exact kind of hero we need right now.
— Tim Murr, Biff Bam Pop!
Director Jenn Wexler has made a slasher movie that absolutely feels genuine in everything from story to tone.
— Jacob Davison, iHorror.com
a loving tribute to the counterculture tentpoles of punk rock and horror movies
— Katie Rife, The A.V. Club

Review: The Ranger — Geeks of Doom

they not only kept the punk rock tradition of ROTLD alive, but created a whole new monster, and with it one of the year’s best horror films
— Danny Torkel, Geeks of Doom

The Ranger (Movie Review) — Arrow in the Head

This movie brought back the feel of the ‘80s while showing me punks getting slashed by a heir to the Psycho Cop throne.
— Cody Hamman, Arrow in the Head

Review: The Ranger — The Horror Syndicate

What can I say besides that The Ranger is my favorite ‘final girl’ horror movie of 2018!
— Brian Enright, The Horror Syndicate

Review: The Ranger — The Movie Waffler

[A] hell of a great indie flick. No self-respecting horror fan should let this film pass them by.
— Michael Vaughn, The Movie Waffler

Reel Review: The Ranger — Morbidly Beautiful

THE RANGER is a fun and refreshingly unique romp into the slasher sub genre.
— Danni Darko, Morbidly Beautiful

The Ranger: Review — Cryptic Rock

From its wonderful cast to its magnificent scenery, its questioning of authority and Punk Rock ethos, THE RANGER is absolutely worthy of your next Netflix and chill session.
— Jeannie Blue, Cryptic Rock
[THE RANGER] reinvents horror tropes into an insightful and rollicking midnight movie blast.
— Brian Long, Comicsverse
THE RANGER is a roundhouse kick of a slasher film with a killer soundtrack, relatable characters and a decent chunk of bloody gore.
— Tracy Allen, Pop Horror
THE RANGER is a fantastic character study of a young girl trying to find her way in the world, complemented with angsty punk music, excellent visuals, and occasional blood-splatter.
— Kirsten Murray, Ms En Scene

Fantasia 2018: The Ranger — Horror-Movies.ca

THE RANGER is a pleasant slasher that should be viewed by all. It delivers exactly what we like to see.
— Simon Rother, Horror-Movies.ca
“[Wexler] comes to The Ranger, her own feature debut as writer/director/producer, with considerable expertise. Basically, we are in safe (if bloody) hands.”
— Anton Bitel, SciFiNow
“[I]t’s a lot of fun and the kind of horror movie you want to put on at parties.”
— Patrick Bromley, Daily Dead

The Ranger (CFF Review) — Bigger Show

The Ranger feels right at home with those 90’s slashers and 80’s punk horrors but carves a new path for itself at the same time.
— We're Gonna Need a Bigger Show

Film Review: The Ranger — Fear Forever

THE RANGER embraces all of its influences & nostalgia while also throwing them out the window.
— Andy Breslow, Fear Forever

The Overlook Film Festival haunts New Orleans with tigers, punks, and killer puppets — The A.V. Club

"[I]t’s clear that Wexler knows and loves both classic slasher movies and punk rock. The film is slyly clever in the way it employs the tropes of the subgenre..."

BUFF ’18 Review: “The Ranger” Has Had It Up To Here With These Damn Punks — Rue Morgue

The feature directorial debut from much-celebrated producer Jenn Wexler (DARLING, MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND) promises a Technicolor bloodbath in the woods and it absolutely delivers.
— Deirdre Crimmins, Rue Morgue
[A] new horror film that is inspired by its predecessors without paying tribute — one that’s having fun, without poking fun.
— Tori Preston, Pajiba
THE RANGER is one of the most punk horror movies that has ever punked.
— Justin Yandell, Bloody Disgusting

The Ranger [CFF Review] — Modern Horrors

It’s hard to follow the slasher formula in 2018, but that’s what they do–and they do it damn well.
— Luke Rodriguez, Modern Horrors
THE RANGER is darkly humorous and satisfying, with some fantastic kills and a quick-witted protagonist who demonstrates incredible strength under pressure.
— Evan Crean, The Independent

Best of BUFF 2018: 'The Ranger' — Daily Grindhouse

The heart of a movie like this are the characters, and THE RANGER is blessed with terrific performances all around.
— Kristofer Jenson, Daily Grindhouse

BUFF Movie Review: 'The Ranger' — Nightmarish Conjurings

If the level of subtle details, humour, and casting in this film is what I can expect from Jenn Wexler and her team, I happily await what is next to come.
— Aaron Lemon, Nightmarish Conjurings
The Ranger is the type of film that heralds the arrival of a true horror talent.
— Stephanie Cole, Nightmare on Film Street
[A]n affectionate homage to slasher classics that maintains a sense of humor without becoming goofy.
— Scott Weinberg, Thrillist
[A] heaping helping of bloody, obnoxious fun.
— J Hurtado, Screen Anarchy

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